Snarky Fanon: “Look mom, a Negro!”

On Aug 13, a drunk man told me how cool my hair was and it looked so interesting  to him…and then he caught me off guard by hugging me and touching my hair (without permission). After, he then expressed how excited he was that he got to touch my hair . I sh*t you not.  My husband is the witness because he and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary at the place where it happened and he was right there. And yes, I was the only black woman there. It was awkward, the dude was drunk, so I decided not to ‘make a big deal about it’…. So, as a woman who has been deeply influenced by black feminist perspective on hair politics in the USA + the critical race phenomenology of Frantz Fanon, I have decided to start a Sistah Vegan comic satire series called Snarky Fanon which will be visual representations of how I understand my world through the lenses of black feminism, critical race studies/phenomenology, and critical whiteness studies. This is basically an “inside joke” series for those who enjoy reading feminisms and critical theory around race and seek humorous ways to approach it. I don’t expect most people to get it or even want to get it. That is why this is intentionally an ‘inside joke.’ If you ask me what I’m talking about when I write these comics, I won’t spend much time replying  in too much depth. I ask  that you Google search these concepts and/or click on the links provided to start the process of figuring out these allusions. So, for those of you familiar with “Look, a negro!” I added the ‘mom’ to really point out the ‘mask’ of child-like fascination when it’s really not that ‘innocent’. Hey, it’s my first attempt at this and I’m hoping to get better and better…If you enjoy supporting my work, please consider contributing a donation. It would help me pay for my tuition to finish my doctorate in critical studies of race, whiteness, and decolonial politics in cultural geography at University of Davis, CA. You can click here to find out more about the challenges I have ( micro-aggressive response to my work as well as lack of financial help) and the dissertation work details.

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