Just wanted to share this with everyone. I ran into one of the most influential human spirits in my life. Dr. Angela Davis. For those of you who don’t know, she practices veganism and understands that one cannot end oppression if non-human animal compassion is not taken into consideration. http://sistahvegan.com/2014/01/26/dear-angela-davis/

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Sistah Vegan Conference Recordings Now Available!!!


The Sistah Vegan Web Conference took place on September 14, 2013. It was titled “Embodied and Critical Perspectives on Veganism by Black Women and Allies.” It was a terrific 8 hours as we listened to talks and held discussions about Black women, veganism, and sizeism; whiteness and patriarchy as problematic in the USA animal liberation movement; how the ‘white savior complex’ complicates and causes stress for Black women [vegans] within certain USA yoga spaces; the politics of industrialized and processed baby food in indigenous communities and reclaiming nutritional knowledge through indigenous veganism; and much more!

The recordings of the 8 hour conference are now available to purchase here. You must complete the registration form in order to access the recordings. This means you MUST also create a password to access the recording. 

If you already registered for the live conference, you actually already have access to the recordings by going here and typing in you email address and then typing in the password you selected for the conference. 

For those of you just finding out about it, the speaker line-up and talk titles are below. —————————- Critical Food & Health Studies Web Conference: “Embodied and Critical Perspectives on Veganism by Black Women and Allies” Date: September 14, 2013 Time: 10:00am-6:00pm PST (USA) Location: Online Web Conference Through Anymeeting.com SPEAKER LINE-UP AND SCHEDULE 10:00 AM: “Introduction: How Veganism is a Critical Entry Point to Discuss Social, Animal, and Environmental Justice Issues for Black Women and Allies.” Dr. A. Breeze Harper, University of California-Davis. 10:15 AM: “How Whiteness and Patriarchy Hurt Animals.” Anastasia Yarbrough, Inner Activism Services. 10:50 AM: “PETA and the Trope of ‘Activism’: Naturalizing Postfeminism and Postrace Attitudes through Sexualized Bodied Protests.” Aphrodite Kocięda, University of South Florida 11:25 AM: “An Embodied Perspective on Redefining Healthy in a Cultural Context and Examining the Role of Sizeism in the Black Vegan Woman Paradigm.” Nicola Norman. 12:25 PM: “Cosmetic Marginalization: Status, Access and Vegan Beauty Lessons from our Foremothers.” Pilar Harris, Pilar in Motion. 1:00 PM: Open Discussion: “‘Why I Relinquished the Gospel Bird and Became a Vegan’: Girls and Women of African Descent Share Their Reasons for Choosing Veganism.” 1:50 PM: “Midwifery, Medicine and Baby Food Politics: Underground Feminisms and Indigenous Plant-based Foodways and Nutrition.” Claudia Serrato, University of Washington. 2:30 PM: “Constructing a Resource Beyond Parenting as a Black Vegan: Discussing Geography and Theology and Their Contradictions Within.” Candace M. Laughinghouse, Regent University. 3:05 PM: Panel Discussion: “Yoga for the Stress Free Soul Sista And Radical Self-Care Teaching: Exploring Privilege in Yoga & Veganism for Girls of Color” w/ Sari Leigh & Kayla Bitten 4:20 PM: Open Discussion: Reflections on the Sistah Vegan Anthology. 5:00 PM: “Is Black Decolonization Possible in a Moral Economy of Neoliberal Whiteness? How USA Black Vegan Liberation Rhetoric Often Perpetuates Tenets of Colonial Whiteness.” Dr. A. Breeze Harper, University of California Davis. Conference Information, Registration Details, and Complete Speaker Abstracts: http://www.sistahveganconference.com Contact Organizer Information: Dr. A. Breeze Harper breezeharper@gmail.com 510-564-7870

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Sistah Vegan Breeze Harper Will Give Keynote at Toronto Vegetarian Festival, Sept 8 2013

I am giving a keynote talk at 330pm in Toronto on Sept 8 , 2013 at 330 pm for the 29th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival in Toronto.

I will be using vegan recipes as a possible method to help ‘heal’ from racial trauma. Apparently, it’s the first talk of it’s kind for this festival. It’s called “Recipes for Racial Tension Headaches: Why Vegan Healing is Crucial for Racial [Trauma] Healing.”  This won’t be vegan proselytizing, but rather, a way to use critical race, critical animal, and critical food studies as ways to talk about how systemic racism and white supremacy affects health and wellness. 

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$35 to Register for Sistah Vegan Conference. Early Bird Special ends at 1159 pm PST August 14, 2013.


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Yes, White Vegans Are Welcomed to Learn From Black Women Vegans and Allies

Conference registration and speaker-lineup can be found here: http://sistahvegan.com/2013/07/30/sistah-vegan-conference-updated-speaker-schedule-and-early-bird-registration/

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